Your Most Valuable Asset

Hey guys, this is Doctor Mendoza from HealthWorks in Plano and today I want to talk to you about something very, very important.

There is one thing that is the most valuable thing in the world and if you lost it, nothing else matters. So just imagine for a second, you have all the wealth in the world, you have everything in this perfect world but you don't have your health. What does that look like for you? Let's say, you're the perfect parent to the most amazing child and you want to just be with them but you can't because you have migraines. How does that affect you?

Let's say, you have all the money in the world to travel but you find yourself stuck in the bed of a hotel room because your back hurts. What was the point? So the problem is that most of us don't put our health first until the symptoms are out of control. Most of us don't care about our health until it becomes an actual problem. So the fact is though the problem that we're feeling, it's actually been there for a very long time before we can even notice them. So we all have this threshold for pain. So when we feel the pain or the symptom, it's actually what that means; it's actually reached a significant level for us to feel it in the first place. So the pain or the symptom is not really the problem, the pain or the symptom is basically like a fire alarm that's going off in your body.

And unfortunately, even if you turn that fire alarm off by some quick fixes, like, we might take some medication or we might sleep it off or we might do some quick stretches, the source of the pain is actually still there. And the reason the fire alarm kept going off is still there. And it's going to keep going off over and over again until we fix the actual cause of the problem. But here's the thing though, your body is actually made to heal and no, it's never too late to get back to health, to get back the most valuable thing that you can own.

Because your body is always changing, you're either moving towards health or you're moving away from health but you're constantly moving towards something and it's really up to you which direction you want to go next. So if you are ready to get back to health, don't wait any longer because your health not only impacts you but everyone around you. So, I really hope that you take a moment today and just see where you're going. Are you going towards health? Are you going away from health?

HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center is a chiropractic and wellness center located in Plano, Texas. Our chiropractors, Dr. Christy Flick, Dr. Jennifer Taylor, and Dr. Aanchal Mendoza have been helping patients function better since starting private practice in 2005. For information about this article or other chiropractic questions, please contact our office at 972-612-1800.

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