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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is personalized care of the human body.

Functional medicine uses our knowledge of the human body and its processes to create a customized plan for your body’s challenges, as it is right now.

To gain this information for each patient, we may test:

  1. Vital signs and neuro-endocrine reflexes
  2. Comprehensive unique patient questioning
  3. Physical diagnostic testing
  4. Urine and saliva chemistries
  5. Clinical and sub-clinical blood tests
  6. Evaluation of emotional and environmental issues
  7. Careful evaluation of the hormonal system
  8. Measurement of toxic load
  9. Nerve system connection and communication

The following chart explains how this approach to healthcare differs from other models:

Traditional Medicine Approach

Here in America, we often treat symptoms by using drug therapy.  For example, a patient suffering high blood pressure may be given:

  • Diuretics- ACE inhibitors
  • Calcium-channel blockers
  • Beta blockers

Alternative Medicine Approach

This thought process often extends to Alternative therapies.  Again, the symptoms are treated, but with nutraceuticals instead of pharmaceuticals.The following is a typical protocol for a patient suffering high blood pressure with alternative medicine:

  • EFAs: linoleic acid, fish oils, flax oil
  • Co Q 10 – 50 mgs BID or TID
  • Vitamin C – start at 2 grams a day
  • Magnesium – start at 400 mg QD
  • Potassium as diuretic 400-3000 mg QD
  • Carnitine – 500 mg TID
  • Pantetheine – 900 mg QD
  • Taurine – 500 mg TID

This style of treatment just substitutes natural medicines for drug therapy.

Functional Medicine- The Patient Specific Approach

A functional medicine approach is designed to get to the underlying cause of why the patient has hypertension in the first place, and working to heal body systems.  As the body system is healed, the symptoms will resolve.  Typical diagnostics for a patient suffering high blood pressure by will look at the following:

  1. Renal insufficiency
  2. Liver/Biliary Stasis
  3. Heavy metal toxicity esp. cadmium
  4. Adrenal dysfunction
  5. Hyper or Hypo
  6. Circulatory abnormalities
  7. Arteriosclerosis
  8. Atherosclerosis
  9. Mineral Imbalances
  1. Sodium/Potassium
  2. Calcium/ Phosphorous/ Magnesium
  3. Sugar Handling Imbalances
  4. Dysinsulinism
  5. Diabetes
  6. Reactive hypoglycemia
  7. Allergies/food sensitivities
  8. Thyroid dysfunction

Once the underlying cause has been identified, your doctor will create a protocol that will correct the imbalance in the body. This may in fact utilize a number of the nutritional and lifestyle factors, but they will be applied intelligently and with a respect for biochemical individuality.

This approach will not only deal with the hypertension but will also “treat” the cause of the disease so the patient will return to a state of physiological balance. Patients will not need to be on life-long treatment.

Functional medicine is the most comprehensive approach to health care that exists today

With all patients, the focus is on prevention and finding the root causes of illness instead of simply treating the many symptoms that occur once serious chronic disease has begun.

We follow the sage advice of Sir William Osler, “It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has.”

Testing / Diagnostics

We offer health diagnostic testing through a number of labs including: