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8-8:45; 10-11:45 AM, 3-5:45 PM

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8-8:45; 10-11:45 AM

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You Made Chiropractic Better!

Congratulations to all of our parents who contributed to the Chiropractic Pediatrics Safety Study in early 2017.  We added our data to information collected from other offices around the world to help complete the first official study on the safety of the pediatric adjustment, authored by Dr. Katie Pohlman.  We know from clinical history that adjustments have been very safe for all aged patients.  Now we have numbers to support what chiropractors have long known - the pediatric adjustment is very safe and the most common side effects are sleeping and crying.  Thank you to all our parents who helped make chiropractic better for the next generation!

Dr. Jennifer Taylor, Dr. Katie Pohlman, and Dr. Christy Porterfield at Parker University where Dr. Pohlman presented her research in October.