Marisa Quien

Community Outreach Director

I am a truly happy addition to HealthWorks as the Community Outreach Director.  I am a recent transplant from Sioux Falls, South Dakota so let me start by saying you don't know cold weather! I had lived in Texas as a younger lady and went to college at West Texas A&M outside of Amarillo 20-something years ago and have always loved the Lone Star state.  There’s just no other place like the great state of Texas.  Even though I still say “you guys”, I feel like a Texan at heart.  I will work on my “y’all”.


    On October 1, 2019, I packed up and came to Dallas to follow my dream to return to Texas. In looking for a job in Dallas, HealthWorks came up on my job search and I felt drawn to it.  You know how sometimes you just KNOW?   Well, I knew.  When Dr. Christy asked what I thought of the clinic at an interview and all I could say was "LOVE IT. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT." Some people and places are just special.  It's such a warm feeling walking into HealthWorks, I can just feel the love for patients in the air, there is a palpable feeling of kindness and care with lots of wonderful people looking for an improved way of life.  Not only do I look for that in my own life’s journey but I want to bring it to others! This job really is A DREAM COME TRUE for me.  I have had a few positions where I played an important part but to actually HELP PEOPLE is more than a job, it's a calling, as the Doctors say.  I want to be there to answer and to serve.  It’s a privilege.


     My health history is long and complicated.  I have suffered from many conditions and the shortlist is severe asthma as a child, chronic allergies all my life and hypothyroidism most recently.  I have gone down the rabbit hole of medications and nasal surgeries (7 to date) and I know that there has to be a better way and I believe that holistic medicine is the only answer that makes sense, mostly because I have tried everything else.   I have self-medicated and found that it led me to many strains of addiction, and I am so very grateful to say that RECOVERY is part of my story.  It’s strange to say but suffering from addiction has brought to the most fruitful and fulfilling part of my entire life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It has brought me to a life of faith and the pain is just part of the road to get there.  God knew what it would take even when I didn’t have any idea what was truly wrong, why I used substances and felt empty. I am at a place in my life where I am ready to be a participant and an advocate for HealthWorks and the healing that is happening here.  I can't wait to meet all of you traveling this road to better health and greater happiness!


     My role here is to visit the businesses in our community at their worksite and to bring our wonderful massage therapist with me to provide a nice break in their day to enjoy a 10-minute massage.  It's a wonderful way to not only give people the gift of massage but also to tell them just how amazing HealthWorks is and offer an opportunity to come in and find out more about the wonderful healing benefits of both massage and chiropractic.  I look forward to coming to meet you, Plano!

To schedule a massage event, lunch & learn, or spinal screening for your office, please email Marisa ( or call the office at 972-612-1800.  

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