Kaitlin Schraub

Hi, I’m Kaitlin and I absolutely love to meet new people.  If you’ve ever met me then you’ll know it’s true!  I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare to help people get well.  I started my career in healthcare back in 2011 when my husband, Zack, and I moved to North Texas.  I worked as a therapy technician in assisted living communities and rehab centers.  I loved all of it- but especially the people.  However, it wasn’t until I came to HealthWorks that I found out what wellness and healing could actually look like.​

My journey at HealthWorks began as the office Massage Therapist.  I started to receive chiropractic care for the first time and learned how important it was to take care of my nervous system. 

Now, as a wife and mom, I love watching my family come in for adjustments, thriving and staying healthy!  Every visit, my little girl hops up on the adjustment table eager for her turn.  The chiropractic care and nutritional guidance we have received over the years is one of our biggest blessings.  

My position at HealthWorks has evolved over time.  I’m now the Office Manager and love working to help our patients every day- and most of all, hearing their success stories as they get well too! 


Kaitlin can be reached by emailing care@healthworkstx.com or by calling 972-612-1800.

During my pregnancy, Dr. Christy and Dr. Taylor made sure that my body was aligned properly, and that my baby had plenty of room to move and turn.  I attribute my easy pregnancy, short labor, and healthy baby to the care I received at HealthWorks.    

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