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There is always a reason why your body is "talking to you".  Our body communicates when something is wrong through symptoms.  Our job is to decode those symptoms and help you regain (and maintain!) robust health. 

HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center is a concierge chiropractic practice. This means we make all our recommendations on what will actually get you well with prices that are affordable and predictable. Your care in our office will include access to each of our services at exactly the time you need them without an additional charge. This is for people who want to get well and stay healthy for life! 


Watch the HealthWorks doctors talk about what a customized health plan looks like.

Health starts here:

Let us know you'd like to get started and we'll begin working for you right away.  Our team is committed to getting to the bottom of your health concerns and planning what it will take to help you get well.



Day One:  Discovery

Your very first appointment will be a day of discovery.  We'll measure, assess, and dig deep to find out what your current state of health is, what can be fixed or improved, and what goals you have for your health.  Sometimes that goal is simple:  get out of pain!  Sometimes it's more complex.  We have solutions for whatever level you're at.  (We won't adjust until Day 2- our doctors will review all your information to find the best course of action for you.)  Allow 60 minutes.


Day Two:  Report of Findings & Getting Started

Your second visit has two parts.  First, we'll discuss your exam findings.  We value education here at HealthWorks and will work to make sure you understand all the details of what we found in your case.  Then, we'll be working!  Take a look at this video to see what a first Upper Cervical Specific adjustment looks like in our office.  This first adjustment gives us valuable information about how your body will respond to care over time.  Allow 60 minutes.


Day Three:  Wellness Plan & Goal Setting

On the third visit, we'll have one last sit-down before graduating to care.  First, we'll collect information about how your body responded to your very first Upper Cervical Specific adjustment.  Then, we'll review this information with you and set expectations for how quickly you can expect changes, how often you'll need to come, and what your investment will be.  Allow 30 minutes.


Day 4+:  Healing

Now the healing continues and solidifies!  In days 1-3 we collected information, found problems and solutions, we talked about what's going on and found a path toward recovery.  Now we'll begin to implement the plan!  You will move into a routine schedule of care that's designed around getting you well.  Allow 10-15 minutes, except when otherwise noted on your schedule. 



Call 972-612-1800 or book here to start today. 

HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center





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