Frequently asked questions

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a system of healthcare that addresses structural misalignments that are causing nerve irritation, muscle spasm, pain, and or poor function of your organs and tissues. Because chiropractic works at a foundational level, chiropractic care can help with a wide variety of symptoms and are useful at any stage of life.

How is Upper Cervical Chiropractic different?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a specialty within the chiropractic profession that specifically addresses the "craniocervical junction", the first two bones of the spine. This area is incredibly important to health and can affect the way the entire body works. The first vertebra of the spine, Atlas/C1, acts like a stearing wheel for the rest of the spine. Any misalignment in this area will cause a ripple effect throughout the entire body. Many patients complain of headaches, neck discomfort, low back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain when this area is misaligned. To view an animation of the whole-body affect of Atlas/C1 misalignment, visit us here:

Can children see a chiropractor?

Yes! In fact, chiropractic care is routine for children of all ages. Some kids start getting adjusted for symptoms like ear infections, headaches, chronic sinusitis, or colic. Other children begin care after a fall while playing or a blow recieved while playing sports. Additionally, some children recieve chiropractic care for it's many health promoting benefits. In fact, one study conducted in 1989 looked at children’s immune health after undergoing chiropractic care. The children who had been treated by chiropractors were overall healthier than those who had only been treated by normal medical providers. How so? These kids had fewer ear and sinus infections, fewer cases of tonsillitis (caused by colds or strep throat) and were allergic to fewer things. Not only did they not get these illnesses, they were less prone to getting them in the future. Since the chiropractic kids didn’t get sick, they didn’t take as many antibiotics. This means that they had a better immune system response to bacterial infections than normal kids did. The researchers concluded that there is a “definite correlation between chiropractic care and superior health”. (read the research here: Many chiropractors have extra training in the care of children or have a pediactric chiropractor on staff just for the little ones!

Can chiropractic help with headaches?

Yes! Chiropractic care, especially upper cervical chiropractic, can help with headaches. One study showed a decrease in the amount of pain by 36%, need for pain medication decreased by 36%, and the overall number of headaches decreased by 69%! (Read the research here:

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is how a chiropractor realigns areas of the spine that are causing pain, irritation, muscle imbalance, or poor nerve function. There are many different kinds of adjustments and all adjustments are tailored for each patient. Many chiropractors use extremely gentle adjustments using an instrument or specialized tables, other chiropractors use just their hands.

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