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Health Coaching

Ever wonder if you’re making the right decisions?

Have you ever felt powerless to change things in your own life?

intrinsic Coach

Intrinsic Coaching® is the answer. Coaching is a conversation that elicits best thinking. It takes more than just the information to create change in our lives.

With Intrinsic health Coaching®, an environment is created where best thinking can occur. It is best thinking that accomplishes change, not curriculums, prompts, scripts, and software.

Most of us think of coaches as someone who gives us guidance by telling us what to do. With Intrinsic Coaching, the essential ingredient is you. Your thinking and goals are the center of attention. The intrinsic coaching program helps the participant look within themselves to come to their own goals and realizations in order to find out what is holding them back from where they want to be.

For more information on Intrinsic Coaching®, here is a wonderful interview of Intrinsic Coaching founder, Christina Marshall.

How the program works:

Intrinsic health Coaching® requires a 12 week commitment where coach and coachee meet in person or over the telephone. Before beginning the program, you and your coach will decide the frequency that is needed for you to reach your goals. Call or email today for all the details.