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Plano Chiropractor : Dr. Christy Porterfield

I wish I had known then what I know now; I tend to learn life’s lessons the hard way! Fortunately, the years have taught me a few lessons about health & wellness lifestyle that I’m eager to share with you and your family.

Plano Chiropractor, Dr. Christy Porterfield

Plano Chiropractor, Dr. Christy Porterfield

Unlike most students, I started out my college career knowing EXACTLY what I wanted to do: become a Corrective Care Chiropractor- a resource to empower our community to regain health. How did I get there? My personal story is about a mother’s love. My oldest son was born in 1997, an even 8 pounds with white-blonde hair. Grandmas would stop us in the grocery store to coo over Taylor and tell us he looked like the Gerber baby.

Taylor was healthy by all standards I knew, he had no major illnesses and we spent the first year experiencing the milestones and growing together. And then things changed. In 1998 Taylor began to experience ear infections, a snotty nose and “allergies” that just never went away. Month after month we visited the pediatrician, Taylor’s chubby little baby hands pulling at his ears and tears in his eyes. Month after month we were sent home with yet another prescription for antibiotics and no other options.

As a mother who wanted the very best for my baby, I was frustrated and my gut told me there was a better way. We were not solving any problems, and meanwhile long-term dangers of antibiotic use were starting to come to light in the media. With the then-modern technology of Google I was able to research other options. We stopped milk products and started to use garlic-oil ear drops, we ate organic and even started switching to non-toxic cleaners and detergents. It did make some difference, but the ear infections persisted. That’s when I found a research article about chiropractic and ear infections. This article explained how subluxation- distress in the nerve system- can cause ill health, and it’s quite common to find this among children with chronic ear infections. A short week later, Taylor and I made our first trip to the chiropractor. She did find that Taylor had this nerve distress at a critical area of the spine called Atlas/ C1. And, moments later, a miracle happened for our small family- following that first adjustment Taylor never had another ear infection, his “allergies” resolved and I rarely saw another snotty nose.

In the years that followed I came to know more about subluxation and health- it’s not just about ear infections or children, it affects all age groups and can cause dysfunction in any part of the body. The nerve system controls all body health and healing, and when under distress ill health follows.

Three years after Taylor’s first adjustment, I was enrolled at Parker College of Chiropractic here in Dallas, Texas.

Plano Chiropractor, Dr. Christy Porterfield and family

Plano Chiropractor, Dr. Christy Porterfield and family

Because of my own experiences with Taylor and later my other sons, Logan and Josh, I am extremely passionate about family health and wellness. Our mission statement starts with, “HealthWorks creates a community of health and wellness”. It is my firm belief that our families deserve a level of health that allows them to live a life full of potential and growth.

Enough about me! HealthWorks is about YOU… I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your health journey, whether you’re experiencing a challenge, or just looking to join a community that will exponentially increase your health for a lifetime! Give our Plano office a call or email me with the link below.