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Concierge Model

man extending handHealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center is a concierge chiropractic practice. This means that we’ve ditched the old-school insurance way of doing things for a better model — one where you are not limited by what your plan will or will not pay (hint: will not pay is far more likely, even if it appears you do have benefits). Our doctors (and patients!) were frustrated with this antiquated model and we have started from scratch with something that really works!


A concierge model means that we made our prices real, affordable, and predictable. Your care plan in our office will include access to each of our services at exactly the time you need them. Custom care for real people who want to get and stay healthy for life!

During your third visit, once we know you and are certain of what you will need to get well, the doctors will prescribe a level of care that will suit your specific health needs.